Open AXES Manual – how to use it

Open AXES is an output of the AXES European project. It gathers innovative audiovisual content analyses technologies including an ergonomic interface to navigate video archives. Open AXES is available on OW2 (the open source community for infrastructure software) and is based on the existing OW2 WebLab integration platform for multimedia processing. It requires IT administration [...]

AXES on Dutch TV

AXES on Dutch TV

Martijn Kleppe, AXES project member of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, recently presented the AXES project on Dutch National Television. He was a weekly guest in the tv show ‘Fotostudio de Jong’. Watch the video on youtube!


Use Open AXES

Open AXES is an output of the AXES European project and can be used for multimedia content analysis. It is freely available on OW2.


AXES @ Riga

The AXES project was presented at the Riga Multilingual Summit 2015 plenary meeting by Peggy van der Kreeft, Deutsche Welle Innovation Manager.


AV in DH Special Interest Group

During the Digital Humanities Conference 2014 in Lausanne, researchers involved in AXES organised a workshop to assess strategies on how to expand the role of audiovisual media in the field of Digital Humanities.


AXES @ DH2015

AXES partners present a Poster at the Digital Humanities conference in Sydney, Australia (29 June – 3 July 2015).


MediaEval 2015 – Call for Survey Participation

The MediaEval 2015 season kicks off with the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark Task Survey. Be part of it.


Try it out now

The AXES Public Demo is out now! It is based on several hours of publicly available videos (e.g. from the Internet Archive).


Meet us in Amsterdam!

The AXES Project is on FIAT / IFTA 2014.

AXES demonstration @ BBC Open Archive Days

AXES @BBC Open Archive Days

The AXES visual search option were very popular at Open Archive Days.

DH Workshop in Rotterdam

AV in Digital Humanities Workshop

How to expand the role of audiovisual media in the field of Digital Humanities?


AXES @ IBC 2014

AXES partners will be active in the session “Media archiving and restoration – what’s in store?” on the IBC conference in Amsterdam.

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