If Only You Knew What’s In Your Archive

Find out more about the project that develops new ways to interact with audiovisual libraries and watch our new video.

The project explores audiovisual content via different information trails. This is approached from three different axes (perspectives): users, content and technology.


Tailor-made systems are tested by specific user communities for their value on the work floor; targeted are media professionals, researchers and home users, each with their own requirements.


People, places, events and categories in audiovisual content and ideas/themes in extracted spoken or written text are identified as
potential anchor points, from which multimedia libraries are explored. This is done with automated recognition of archival data and linking technology. A particular person, place, type of scene or event can then easily be found.


Based on an existing Open Source software platform for digital libraries (WebLab), novel navigation and search functionalities will be developed. For this purpose, AXES builds state of the art content analysis tools from computer vision, audio analysis and speech recognition, as well as innovative structured search and information extraction techniques.

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