AV in DH Special Interest Group

During the Digital Humanities Conference 2014 in Lausanne, researchers involved in AXES organised a workshop to assess strategies on how to expand the role of audiovisual media in the field of Digital Humanities.

Attendance was high (33 researchers from diverse fields of study) and topics that were discussed encompassed the whole spectrum of audiovisual research practices: photography, film, television, radio, oral history, sound, social media, search technology and infrastructures. The discussions were lively and it was clear that having scholars address the topic of AV from so many different perspectives in the context of Digital Humanities created momentum and fuelled imagination.

At the same time it was obvious that only the surface was scratched of the topics that needed to be discussed and explored. Therefore, the organisers proposed the set-up of Special Interest Group (SIG) AVinDH offered by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). The formation of the SIG AVinDH has been approved by the Steering Committee of ADHO in December 2014.

The SIG AVinDH is meant to be a venue for exchanging knowledge, expertise, methods and tools by scholars who make use of audiovisual data types that can convey a certain level of narrativity: spoken audio, video and/or (moving) images. It aims to  facilitate communication and interaction between researchers from various disciplines including domains such as media studies, history, oral history studies, visual culture studies, social signal processing, archeology, anthropology, linguistics.

Currently, a working group has been formed (consisting of AXES researchers Franciska de Jong, Stef Scagliola and Martijn Kleppe).  In the coming months they will set up the instruments for the communication within the SIG community and expect to be able to organize an official launching event at the Digital Humanities 2015 Conference in Sydney.

For more information, see https://avindhsig.wordpress.com/

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