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Open AXES Manual – how to use it

Open AXES is an output of the AXES European project. It gathers innovative audiovisual content analyses technologies including an ergonomic interface to navigate video archives. Open AXES is available on OW2 (the open source community for infrastructure software) and is based on the existing OW2 WebLab integration platform for multimedia processing. It requires IT administration skills for installation. Get a first impression of the Open AXES system by this Live Preview (login/pwd: axes/axes).

The following manual guide is assuming the use of the Open AXES using a virtual machine. Once Open AXES is installed:


  • Start Weblab, go to virtualbox
  • Click on the green arrow, start Linux
  • Go to virtual Box, open a terminal

  • Type:
    • cd Dokumente (cd=content directory)
    • cd OpenAXES (press tab)
    • ./openaxes.sh start
    • And wait for 2-3 minutes
    • Then it should prompt: WebLab started
    • Successfully done! go to next step
    • There are three ways to select items

    a) Use Sample items (videos)

    • go to the Open AXES Package
    • open the folder “toIndex-sample” (Package / Data )
    • go to d)

    b) Select Items within virtualbox

    • open Browser and download item (e.g. MP4) to your download folder
    • go to d)

    c) Select Items

    • Create connection between local and host (to be done by an IT expert)
    • download items to local folder (for example: OPEN-AXES-SHARED)
    • go to VM “Rechner”

    • transfer (copy /paste but use right mouse click) to folder “toindex”
    • go to d)

    d) Paste items to folder “toIndex”

    • copy & paste items to the “toIndex” folder
    • (folder can be found here: Dokumente / OpenAXES Package / data / toIndex)
    • everything within this folder is processed (it is sent automatically to weblab)

    • Process is done automatically, once files are copied in here

    Monitor process of indexing

    • Once a file is copied into the “toIndex” folder, it is automatically processed and can be monitored in the Hawtio software (open Browser, type: http://localhost:8282/hawtio)
    • go to Camel / Camel Contexts /weblabCamelContext/ Routes

    • Indexation is done successively (not chronologically)
    • How long does the processing take?
      • Per minute of AV data it takes roundabout 5-8 times as long (rough guess)

    Search items or segments

    • *:* means search for all items
    • type in a search query and click on the zoom to make a search
    • to make a specific visual or textual search click on the arrow and select one option
    • to make a query by example click on the image icon and upload an image


    • go to Terminal
    • ./openaxes.sh stop
    • And wait for 2-3 minutes
    • Shutdown Virtual Machine

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