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Videos, Walkthroughs, Downloads & Tutorials

Get an insight into how AXES takes part into a significant change of how we will interact with audiovisual archives. Watch our visionary video with Tom! And compare how much of the vision was covered in the actual prototypes. The first two prototypes are introduced through walkthrough videos which are shown on this page (see below).

The AXES system is designed to meet the needs of three specific user groups:

  • Archivists and Broadcast Professionals (AXES Professional)
  • Academic Researchers and Journalists (AXES Research)
  • Private Persons (AXES Home, “Home user”) – this is due by the end of the year

AXES with Tom

Learn more about how novel search technologies can improve your search efforts. AXES systems enable you to search in audio and visual data. It is weakly supervised, meaning that results are not primarily dependent on available metadata. Great parts of the metadata can be extracted automatically with speech recognition and visual retrieval technologies.

Furthermore your text queries are language independent, if you search within visual options. You can search for persons , faces, places and objects. Hits are shown on segment level and can be directly viewed from the relevant shot. That means that there is no need to manually fast forward any more.

AXES Professional

Watch the screencast video and get an impression of a system that enables to easily explore an audiovisual library for Archivists and Broadcast Professionals. Filter your results through various metadata filters and use the date range to narrow the results to find what you are looking for.

AXES Research

The AXES Research system is geared for Journalists and Academic Researchers. Key features include a combined audio and visual search (“automtic search”) and a virtual cutter, enabling users to directly edit a video online.

AXES Home / Public User

Watch the video and get an impression of a system that enables to explore an audiovisual library for public users. The system is geared for the use on a tablet. Content can be arranged on the basis of Twitter feeds.

Download Open AXES

Open AXES is an output of the AXES European project. It gathers innovative audiovisual content analyses technologies including an ergonomic interface to navigate video archives. Open AXES is available on OW2.

INRIA Summer School

INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School

  • Paris, France 2013: Well attended (200+) summer school dealing with all aspects of visual recognition and machine learning, organized by AXES partner INRIA and with presentations of AXES members Patrick Perez (Visual tracking), Andrew Zisserman (Category-level localization) and Cordelia Schmid (Instance-level recognition, Large-scale visual search, Bag-of-Features models for category-level classification).
    Lecture slides and material for practical sessions available online.
  • Grenoble, France 2012

MediaMixer Winter School on Multimedia

Winter School on Multimedia Processing and Applications Dublin, Ireland, January 6-8, 2014. Organized by the EU Project MediaMixer with presentations of AXES members Noel O’Connor (The sensor web: new opportunities for Media-Mixing) and Tinne Tuytelaars (Opening up audiovisual archives for media professionals and researchers). Video recordings available online.

Tutorial given at major conferences

Modern Features: Advances, Applications, and Software. This course is an an introduction to local feature detectors and descriptors as foundational tools in a variety of state-of-the-art computer vision applications. Lecture slides available online.

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