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Partner Projects


CUbRiIK is about Multimedia search. As the name recalls, in the same way that Stanley Kubrick was one of the most innovative and pattern-breaking Directors in the Cinema Industry, so the CUbRIK project aims to introduce real innovative patterns inside the Multimedia search domain, proposing the paradigm of human-enhanced time-aware multimedia search, driven by openness at all levels.


The PATHS project explores ways of extending and enriching the metadata that is available in digital libraries to offer end users with alternatives to standard search portals as the means of item discovery and exploration. Their prototype enables users to follow Pathways (or narratives) published by users.


LinkedTV is about Television linked to the web. It provides a novel practical approach to Future Networked Media and is based on four phases: annotation, interlinking, search, and usage (including personalization, filtering, etc.).


The TOSCA-MP project aims to develop user-centric content annotation and search tools for professionals in networked media production and archiving (television, radio, online), addressing their specific use cases and workflow requirements.


DigiBIC is a project that focuses on the deployment of technologies and tools from European funded applied research projects in cultural heritage, digital libraries and preservation. The objective of DigiBIC is to create a sustainable European showcase for the creative industry sector, providing practical tools and support to access European expertise in technology, services, innovation and financing.


The EUscreen project aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 30,000 items of programme content and information, and by developing a number of interactive functionalities and dynamic links with Europeana it will prove valuable to the widest range of cultural, educational and recreational users.

Europeana is about ideas and inspiration. It links you to over 6 million digital items, like images, texts, sounds and videos. The project was initiated by the European Commission.


EuropeanaPhotography is putting together some of the most prestigious photographic collections from archives, public libraries, and photographic museums covering 100 years of photography.The project will prepare and contribute over 500,000 photographic items to Europeana; they represent a selection of the masterpieces of the very beginning of photography. The consortium includes 19 representatives from 13 Member States.


CASAM will develop a remedy for the double problem of expensive manual work and unexploited multimedia resources. The CASAM software will use state-of-the-art computer technology to analyse automatically multimedia sources and provide detailed and systematic sets of descriptions for their content.


PetaMedia fosters and promotes research that improves user access to multimedia via the combination of multimedia content, user-dervied annotations and the structures of peer-to-peer and social networks. PetaMedia brings together four national networks in the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Germany, consolidating research effort and laying the groundwork for a European virtual centre of excellence.


The Video & image Indexing and reTrievAl in the LArge Scale project (2007-2010) aimed to deliver a reliable and efficient pre-industrial prototype, allowing intelligent access to large multimedia professional archives, by addressing three major challenges:

  • corss-media indexing (automatic annotation) and retrieval;
  • large-scale search techniques; and
  • visualization and context adaptation.


META-NET, a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres from 34 countries, is dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society. META-NET is forging META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance.
AXES is a member of META.


ARCOMEM is about memory institutions like archives, museums, and libraries in the age of the Social Web. The project develops novel methods for Social Web analysis, Web crawling and mining, event and topic detection and multimedia content mining.


EUMSSi stands for: Event Understanding through Multimodal Social Stream Interpretation. The main objective of EUMSSI is developing technologies for identifying and aggregating data presented as unstructured information in sources of very different nature (video, image, audio, speech, text and social context).

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