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Fifth year events

Future and past events will be listed on this page. – Please note that some links may no longer be active.

2015 events

Event Information

at Ministry of General Affairs

Date : January 2015
Place : The Hague, NL
Type : Lecture
AXES Activity : Lecture
AXES Participants : EUR
Date : 25-26 March 2015
Place : Brussels,BE
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Demo
AXES Participants : KUL
Date : 23 March 2015
Place : Hilversum,NL
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Keynote ‘De toekomstige beelden van ons

AXES Participants : EUR

Fotostudio de Jong

Date : March 2015
Place : Hilversum, NL
Type : Interview on Dutch National TV
AXES Activity : Interview
AXES Participants : EUR
Date : 24 March 2015
Place : de Flint Amersfoort, NL
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Demo
AXES Participants : NISV, UT
Date : 19-24 April 2015
Place : Brisbane,AU
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Paper
AXES Participants : TEC
Date : 27-29 April 2015
Place : Riga, LV
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Presentation “Language Technologies – A Must

for Innovation in Broadcasting”
AXES Participants : DW

Date : 18-22 May 2015
Place : Florence,IT
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Workshop
AXES Participants : NISV, UT
Date : 21-22 May 2015
Place : Glasgow, UK
Type : Seminar
AXES Activity : panel, demo
AXES Participants : NISV
Date : 07-12 June 2015
Place : Boston, USA
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : papers
AXES Participants : INRIA, KUL, UO, TEC
Date : 09-11 June 2015
Place : Geneva, CH
Type : Workshop
AXES Activity : Bringing AXES technology to the market
AXES Participants : NISV
Date : 06-10 September 2015
Place : Dresden, DE
Type : Conference
AXES Activity : Special session on multimodal search
AXES Participants : DCU, UT
Date : 14-15 September 2015
Place : Wurzen, DE
Type : Workshop, Task organisation using the AXES collection
AXES Activity : Task on Multimodal Search and automatic anchoring
AXES Participants : DCU, UT, NISV
Date : 16-18 November 2015
Place : Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Type : Task organisation using the AXES collection
AXES Activity : Task on video hyperlinking
AXES Participants : DCU, UT

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